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Penis Enlargement Pills and MedsToday millions of men still adhere to the opinion that penis size plays a great role in sex. Some women consider that the lovemaking technique is more important for them. But a small penis is a tragedy for any man whatever girls say. So I don’t blame those men who look for ways how to increase penis size. In this article we will talk what the penile enlargement is all about.
There is one way how to increase penile size naturally. This method is penile exercises.

• Jelqing.  Jelqing is the ancient technique that was used by those men who seek for such truth as to how to make your penis grow. This technique involves such movement as a “milking” pecker to increase the amount of blood.

You should make a ring from a pointing finger and the thumb. Put the ring on the penis tenet and start moving forward. Then make the same ring on other hand and repeat the action. So changing the rings of left and right hand you start stretching the skin of your penis. Don’t do it fast. You should make at least 100 times these repeating actions with finger rings of your right and left hand.
• Penis Enlargement Device. There are so called stretching Penis Enlargement Deviceexercises. Main principle is to stretch: the tissues of your penis. Some guys use small fishrod hooks and put on them some weight to stretch the tissue of penis. It is a bit painful but the result is more important.

Except such exercises there are publicized prosolution pills. They are claimed to make your penis bigger in a short period of time. These pills are herbal penis enlargement pills made of natural ingredients. You should just pay attention that such penile enlargement pills are approved by FDA. It proves that the pills are clinically tested and safe. List through of what ingredients or herbs these pills consist of. Do not take completely chemical pills because there are many side-effects. I prefer natural penile enlargement pills. Check out if there is a free trial to try the product first and feel the results. So there you have the knowledge what the most effective ways of penis enlargement exist.

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