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Pills to increase cum and sperm countToday many men quire how to increase sperm count. Due to smoking, drinking alcohol especially so called energetic drinks, stress, junk food your male fertility level lows down. You can’t produce much semen during a ejaculation. You should not think this is a simple problem that will go tomorrow with out any cure or proper treatment from your side. If you find any symptoms of low sperm ejaculation then you face with a complex problem. There are many natural ways that give temporary result. What can you do today to solve this problem?


1. Start taking food full of minerals. The most desirable mineral for high male production is zinc. It can be found in such food as oysters, avocados, bananas, tomatoes. It is considered that vitamins are also essential element in increasing sperm count. Go to the chemist’s and take the best vitamin complex to help your organism make more semen today. If you begin this natural way you should know this treatment takes much of your time before a result will be reached.
2. The second way to increase ejaculate volume is a healthy lifestyle, going in for sport and not drinking alcoholic beverages.How To Icrease Sperm and Cum Count
3. Some men prefer herbal pills that help to increase ejaculate volume. Such pills fight with the problem attentively. They are made of natural ingredients and have a long-effect result. Which ones to choose read out the short reviews of the best-selling pills.

Answering to the question how to increase sperm count I can give you some extra tips. It is considered efficient while taking a low sperm count treatment that a man should drink a lot of water during a day – 1 gallon in minimum. In one newspaper there was an interesting article what kind of sex is more productive. It was said that sex in the morning is more effective that evening sex. So thinking about how to ejaculate more you should take in consideration all those above mentioned methods. Anyway you need to change something in your life to make more semen and be a super guy in sex.

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